​Who Is Low Willie?

About Randy and Low Willie

 I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s who came of age in the 1970’s.  Music and the American culture of those times permeated the vast majority of my generation.  So, like many of my age, I dreamed of being in a band, making music as well as making a contribution to our society (not to mention just plain having a good time!).  And, although I wanted to grow-up I never wanted the “electricity” I felt for life as a teenager to get snuffed-out by the demands of the so-called adult world.

 Now, several decades later, I think I’m still where I hoped I’d be… a winding, sometimes difficult road, yes, but the vibe is still alive.  I can thank an incredible family that includes, but is not limited to blood relations, and of course the vehicle of music which I’ve been tooling around in for as long as I can remember.

 From the time I bought that $30 Sears guitar in 1976, I whiled away many years setting at the house alone strumming and trying to write songs; and there were the earliest of times of actually playing with a couple other guys.  And then, out of a chance meeting between me and a couple other musicians in 2003 the Low Willie adventure finally began. 

 Americana-Country Rock-Blues music was the launching-pad to fuel our interest as well develop songs I was writing.  There’s been a lot of ground covered since then and thankfully far more laughter than tears - and most importantly I’ve been connected with some of the finest musicians in the Charlotte region making some lifelong friends to boot.  Further, and quite unexpectedly, Low Willie has become an alter-ego of sorts for me along the way. 

2019 marks the release of Low Willie’s fifth studio album of original tunes entitled, “As The Dealer Dealt” which .


Randy works in the Human Services field and is also the Public Affairs Producer at WSGE 91.7fm in Dallas, NC.  Randy and wife, Mary have been married nearly 40 years and have two children and one grandchild.


Low Willie performs as a band, duo, and solo, and has opened or shared bills with The Avett Brothers, David Childers, and Robin Rogers and Her Hot Band among others.  Although primarily a local band Low Willie has performed in North and South Carolina as well as W. Virginia, and has appeared on various live regional radio stations and TV.  


In addition to LowWillie.com, music can be sampled at Reverbnation and CD Baby.  Low Willie is also on Face Book.